Some abstracts of my recent publications. You can check the full list of my publications from here (ADS).

A: First and Second author refereed articles

[20] “WERGS IV paper”
Ichikawa, K., Yamashita, T., Toba, Y., et al., 2020, submitted to ApJ

[19] “Cometary records revise Eastern Mediterranean chronology around 1240 CE”
Murata, K., Ichikawa, K., Fujii, Y., et al., 2021, PASJ, 73, 197

[18] “NuSTAR Non-detection of a Faint Active Galactic Nucleus in an Ultraluminous IR Galaxy with Kpc-scale Fast Wind”
Chen, X-Y., Ichikawa, K., Noda, H., et al., 2020, ApJL, 905, L2

[17]“Universal transition diagram from dormant to actively accreting supermassive black holes”
Inayoshi, K., Ichikawa, K., and Ho, L. C., 2020, ApJ, 894, 141

[16]“Dust Destruction by Drift-Induced Sputtering in Active Galactic Nuclei”
Tazaki, R. & Ichikawa, K., 2020, ApJ, 892, 149

[15]“Dust Destruction by Charging: A Possible Origin of Gray Extinction Curves of Active Galactic Nuclei”
Tazaki, R., Ichikawa, K., and Kokubo, M., 2020, ApJ, 892, 84

[14]Nustar Discovery of Dead Quasar Engine in Arp 187″
Ichikawa, K., Kawamuro, T., Shidatsu, M., et al. 2019, ApJL, 883, L13

Press Release at Tohoku U. (in ENG/JPN) and NAOJ/ALMA (ENG/JPN). Youtube video of my press-conference talk at AAS238 is here

[13]“WISE Discovery of Mid-Infrared Variability in Massive Young Stellar Objects”
Uchiyama, M. & Ichikawa, K., 2019, ApJ, 883, 6

[12]“Transition of BH feeding from the quiescent regime into star-forming cold disk regime”
Inayoshi, K., Ichikawa, K., J. P. Ostriker, R. Kuiper, 2019, MNRAS, 486, 5377

[11]“Discovery of Dying Active Galactic Nucleus in Arp 187: Experience of Drastic Luminosity Decline within 10^4 years”
Ichikawa, K., Ueda, J., Bae, H-J., et al., 2019, ApJ, 870, 65

Press Release at Tohoku U. (in ENG/JPN) and NAOJ/ALMA (ENG/JPN).

[10]“BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey — XI. The Covering Factor of Dust and Gas in Swift/BAT Active Galactic Nuclei”
Ichikawa, K., Ricci, C., Ueda, Y., et al., 2019, ApJ, 870, 31

[9]“Gravitational waves from supermassive black hole binaries in ultra-luminous infrared galaxies”
Inayoshi, K., Ichikawa, K., and Zoltan Haiman, 2018, ApJL, 863, L36

[8]“Cooling timescale of dust tori in dying active galactic nuclei”
Ichikawa, K. & Tazaki, R., 2017, ApJ, 844, 21

[7]“Quenching of supermassive black hole growth around the apparent maximum mass”
Ichikawa, K. & Inayoshi, K., 2017, ApJL, 840, L9

[6]The Complete Infrared View of Active Galactic Nuclei from The 70-Month Swift/BAT catalog
Ichikawa, K., Ricci, C., Ueda, Y., et al., 2017, ApJ, 835, 74

[5]Signs of active galactic nucleus quenching in a merger remnant with radio jets”
Ichikawa, K., Ueda, J., Shidatsu, M., et al., 2016, PASJ, 68, 9

[4]“The Difference in the Torus Geometry between Hidden and Non-Hidden Broad Line Active Galactic Nuclei”
Ichikawa, K., Packham, C., Ramos Almeida, C., et al., 2015, ApJ, 803, 57

[3]“AKARI IRC 2.5-5 um Spectroscopy of Infrared Galaxies Over a Wide Luminosity Range”
Ichikawa, K., Imanishi, M., Ueda, Y., et al., 2014, ApJ, 794, 139

[2]‘Mid and Far Infrared Properties of a Complete Sample of Local Active Galactic Nuclei”
Ichikawa, K., Ueda, Y., Terashima, Y., et al., 2012, ApJ, 754, 45

[1] ”Infrared 3-4 um Spectroscopy of Nearby PG QSOs and AGN-Nuclear Starburst Connections in Hihg-luminosity AGN Populations”
Imanishi, M., Ichikawa, K., Takeuchi, T., et al., 2011, PASJ, 63, 447

B: Other refereed Articles

[45] “TBA”
Nikutta, R., Lopez-Rodriguez, E., Ichikawa, K., et al., 2020, sumitted to ApJ

[44] “The Galaxy Activity, Torus and Outflows Survey (GATOS) II.”
Alonso-Herrero, A., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 18th) et al., 2021, A&A submitted

[43] “The Galaxy Activity, Torus and Outflows Survey (GATOS) I. ALMA images of dusty molecular tori in Seyfert galaxies”
Garcia-Burillo (incl. Ichikawa, K., 21th) et al., 2021, A&A submitted, arXiv:2104.10227

[42] “Three Case Reports on the Cometary Plasma Tail in the Historical Documents”
Hayakawa, H., Fujii, Y., Murata, K., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 6th) et al., 2021, Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, 11, 21

[41] “BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey-XXIII. A New Mid-Infrared Diagnostic for Absorption in Active Galactic Nuclei”
Pfeifle, R., Ricci, C., Boorman, P., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 11th) et al., 2021, ApJ in press. arXiv:2102.04412

[40] “BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey XXVII: scattered X-Ray radiation in obscured active galactic nuclei”
Gupta, K., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 19th), et al., 2021, MNRAS, 504, 428

[39] “BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey-XX: Molecular Gas in Nearby Hard X-ray Selected AGN Galaxies
Koss, M., Strittmatter, B., Lamperti, I., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 17th) et al., 2021, ApJS, 252, 29

[38] “Faint Quasars Live in the Same Number Density Environments as Lyman Break Galaxies at z~4
Uchiyama, H., Akiyama, M., Toshikawa, J., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 7th) et al., 2020, ApJ, 905, 125

[37] “The Subaru HSC Galaxy Clustering with Photometric Redshift I: Dark Halo Masses Versus Baryonic Properties of Galaxies at 0.3”
Ishikawa, S., Kashikawa, N., Tanaka. M., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 7th) et al., 2020, ApJ, 904, 128

[36] “Wide and Deep Exploration of Radio Galaxies with Subaru HSC (WERGS). III.Discovery of a $z = 4.72$ Radio Galaxy with Lyman Break Technique”
Yamashita, T., Nagao, T., Ikeda, H., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 10th) et al., 2020, AJ, 160, 60

[35] “Tracing the co-evolution path of super massive black holes and spheroids with AKARI-selected ultra-luminous infrared galaxies at intermediate redshifts”
Chen, X., Akiyama, M., Ichikawa, K., et al., 2020, ApJ, 900, 51

[34] “Application of X-Ray Clumpy Torus Model (XCLUMPY) to 10 Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei Observed with Suzaku and NuSTAR”
Tanimoto, A., Odaka, N., Ueda. Y., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 7th) et al., 2020, ApJ, 897, 2

[33] “The BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey — XVIII. Searching for Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in the X-rays”
Liu, T et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 9th), 2020, ApJ, 896, 122

[32] “ALMA polarimetry measures magnetically aligned dust grains in the torus of NGC 1068”
Lopez-Rodriguez, E et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 5th), 2020, 893, 33

[31] “Obscuring fraction of active galactic nuclei implied by supernova and radiative feedbacks”
Kawakatu, N., Wada, K., and Ichikawa, K., 2020, ApJ, 889, 84

[30] “BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey –  XIII. The nature of the most luminous obscured AGN in the low-redshift universe”
Baer, R., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 10th), 2019, MNRAS, 489, 3073

[29] “A NuSTAR and XMM-Newton Study of the Two Most Actively Star-forming Green Pea Galaxies (SDSS J0749+3337 and SDSS J0822+2241)”
Kawamuro, T., Ueda, Y., Ichikawa, K., et al., 2019, ApJ, 881, 48

[28] “A Wide and Deep Exploration of Radio Galaxies with Subaru HSC (WERGS). II. Physical Properties derived from the SED Fitting with Optical, Infrared, and Radio Data”
Toba, Y., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 5th), 2019, ApJS, 243, 15

[27] “Discovery of a strong ionized-gas outflow in an AKARI-selected ultra-luminous infrared galaxy at z = 0.5”,
Chen, X., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 9th), 2019, PASJ, 71, 29

[26] A kilometre-sized Kuiper belt object discovered by stellar occultation using amateur telescopes
Arimatsu, K. et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 5th), 2019, Nature Astronomy, 3, 301

[25] “SOFIA/FORCAST Resolves 30-40 um Extended Dust Emission in Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei”
Fuller, L., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 4th) et al. 2019, MNRAS, 483, 3404

[24] “The origin of the mid-infrared nuclear polarization of active galactic nuclei”
Lopez-Rodriguez, E., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 5th) et al. 2018, MNRAS, 478, 2350

[23] “The emission and distribution of dust of the torus of NGC 1068”
Lopez-Rodriguez, E., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 5th) et al. 2018, ApJ, 859, 99L

[22] “Luminous quasars do not live in the most overdense regions of galaxies at z~4”
Uchiyama, H.,  (incl.  Ichikawa, K.,) et al. 2018, PASJ, 70, S32

[21] “NuSTAR Hard X-ray Data and Gemini 3D Spectra Reveal Powerful AGN and Outflow Histories in Two Low-z Lyman-alpha blobs”
Kawamuro, T.,  (incl.  Ichikawa, K., 5th) et al. 2017, ApJ, 848, 42

[20] “BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey — V. X-ray Properties of the Swift/BAT 70 Month AGN Catalog”
Ricci, C.,  (incl.  Ichikawa, K., 13th) et al. 2017, ApJS, 233, 17

[19] “BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey (BASS) I: Spectral Measurements, Derived Quantities, and AGN Demographics”
Koss, M.,  (incl.  Ichikawa, K., 16th) et al. 2017, ApJ, 850, 74

[18] “Organized Autotelescopes for Serendipitous Event Survey (OASES): design and performance”
Arimatsu, K., Tsumura, K., Ichikawa, K., et al. 2017, PASJ, 69, 68

[17] “The dusty tori of nearby QSOs as constrained by high-resolution mid-IR observations”
Martinez Paredes, M.,  (incl.  Ichikawa, K.,) et al. 2017, MNRAS, 468, 2

[16] “The Galaxy-Halo Connection in High-Redshift Universe: Details and Evolution of Stellar-to-Halo Mass Ratios of Lyman Break Galaxies on CFHTLS Deep Fields”
Ishikawa, S.,  (incl.  Ichikawa, K.,) et al. 2017, ApJ, 841, 8

[15] “Infrared polarimetry of Mrk 231: Scattering off hot dust grains in the central core”
Lopez-Rodriguez, E.,  (incl.  Ichikawa, K.,) et al. 2017, MNRAS, 464, 1762

[14] “The complex evolutionary paths of local infrared bright galaxies: a high angular resolution mid-infrared view”
Alonso-Herrero, A., (incl.  Ichikawa, K.,) et al. 2016, MNRAS, 463, 2405

[13] “The nuclear and extended mid-infrared emission of Seyfert galaxies”
Garcia-Bernete, I., (incl.  Ichikawa, K.,) et al. 2016, MNRAS, 463, 3531

[12] “Investigating the dusty torus of Seyfert galaxies using SOFIA/FORCAST photometry”
Fuller, L., (incl.  Ichikawa, K., 8th) et al. 2016, MNRAS, 462, 2618

[11] “The nuclear and integrated far-infrared emission of nearby Seyfert galaxies”
Garcia-Gonzalez, J., (incl.  Ichikawa, K., 10th) et al. 2016, MNRAS, 458, 4512

[10] “[O III]λ5007 and X-ray Properties of a Complete Sample of Hard X-ray Selected AGNs in the Local Universe”
Ueda, Y., Hashimoto, Y., Ichikawa, K., et al. 2015, ApJ, 815, 1

[9] “BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey II: X-ray Emission and High Ionization Optical Emission Lines”
Berney, S., (incl. Ichikawa, K., 13th) et al. 2015, MNRAS, 454, 3622

[8] “AKARI Infrared Camera Observations of 3.3 um PAH Feature in Swift/BAT AGNs”
Castro, A., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 4th), 2014, PASJ, 66, 110

[7] “Polarized Mid-infrared Synchrotron Emission in the Core of Cygnus A”
Lopez-Rodriguez, E., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 8th), 2014, ApJ, 793, 81

[6] “Iron Ka emission in type-I and type-II Active Galactic Nuclei”
Ricci, C., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 4th), 2014, MNRAS, 441, 3622

[5] “The narrow Fe Kα line and the molecular torus in active galactic nuclei: an IR/X-ray view”
Ricci, C., Ueda, Y., Ichikawa, K., et al., 2014, A&A, 567, A142

[4] “What obscures low X-ray-scattering active galactic nuclei?”
Honig, S. F., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 7th), 2014, MNRAS, 438, 647H

[3] “Initial Results from Nobeyama Molecular Gas Observations of Distant Bright Galaxies”
Iono, D., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 6th), 2012, PASJ, 64, L2

[2] “Infrared and Hard X-ray Diagnostics of Active Galactic Nucleus Identification from the Swift/BAT and AKARI All-sky Surveys”
Matsuta, K., et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 7th), 2012, ApJ, 753, 104

[1] “Subaru and Gemini High Spatial Resolution Infrared 18 um Imaging Observations of Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies”
Imanishi et al. (incl. Ichikawa, K., 4th), 2011, AJ, 141, 156

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