1. Oral Presentations in International Conferences

[23]“The complete IR view of the Swift/BAT 70 month AGN catalog”
“42nd COSPAR Assembly”  July 14-22 (the talk was assigned on Jul 19), 2018, Pasadena, CA, USA

[22] “Dying AGN in Arp 187”
, American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), July 11-13 2018 (the talk was assigned on Jul 13), NY, USA

[21] “BAT AGN Spectroscopy Survey: The Covering Factor of Dust and Gas in Swift/BAT AGN”
“NERQUAM 2018”  May 23, 2018, Yale University, USA

[20]“Is there a maximum mass for supermassive black holes?”
“East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2017”  Nov 13-17 (the talk was assigned on Nov 14), 2017, Ishigaki, Okinawa, Japan

[19]“What TMT/MICHI tells us on AGN and Black Holes”
“TMT forum 2017: Beyond First Light”  Nov 7-9 (the talk was assigned on Nov 8), 2017, Infosys campus, Mysuru, India

[18]“Discovery of a dying AGN in Arp 187”
“Unveiling the Physics Behind Extreme AGN Variability”  Jul 11-14 (the talk was assigned on Jul 12), 2017, University of the Virgin Island, USA

[17]“The complete IR view of the Swift/BAT 70 month  AGN catalog”
“Elusive AGN in the Next Era”  Jun 12-15 (the talk was assigned on Jun 13), 2017, George Mason University, USA

[16]“Complete infrared view of the 70 month Swift/BAT AGN catalog”
“Quasars at all cosmic epochs”  Apr 3-7 (the talk was assigned on Apr 3), 2017, Padua, Italy

[15]“Discovery of a dead AGN in Arp 187”
“East Asia AGN workshop 2016”  Sep 22, 2016, SNU, Seoul, Korea

[14]“Key AGN Science Cases with MICHI”
“TMT science forum 2016”  May 26, 2016, Kyoto, Japan

[13]“Science Cases of MICHI from AGN/BH physics group” (Invited)
“TMT/MICHI workshop”  May 23, 2016, Kyoto University, Japan

[12]“Determining the dust torus covering factor using clumpy torus models in IR” (Invited)
“Prospects, challenges, and evolution of AGN modeling in the Astro-H Era”  (Oct 21, 2015, Rikkyo University, Japan

[11]“On the torus structure and the detection of polarized broad emission lines in AGN”
East Asia AGN workshop 2015, Jul 14, 2015, Changchun, China

[10]“Outflow/inflow study of buried AGN through 4.7um CO absorption line”
TMT Thermal infrared science & instrument workshop, Jun 12, 2015, University of Tokyo, Japan

[9]“How Torus Structure Affects Detection of Polarized Broad Emission Lines in AGN”
East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2015, Feb 2015, ASIAA in Taipei, Taiwan

[8]“Clumpy Torus Modeling of Polarized and Unpolarized BLR AGN”
Los Piratas AGN Meeting 2014, Apr 2014, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain

[7]“Buried active galactic nuclei in infrared galaxies studied by AKARI 2.5-5.0 um spectroscopy”
East Asia AGN workshop 2013, Sep 2013, Sapporo, Japan

[6]“Mid-infrared and hard X-ray luminosity correlation of a complete sample of local AGNs”
Torus Workshop 2012, Dec 2012, the University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

[5]“MIR and hard X-ray luminosity correlation of a complete AGN sample in the local universe”
East Asia AGN workshop 2012, Sep 2012, Jeju, Korea

[4] “Disentangling mid-IR power of AGNs: dust tori and host galaxy starburst”
TMT/MICHI workshop, Apr 2012, University of Tokyo, Japan

[3] “Mid and Far Infrared Properties of a Complete Sample of Local AGNs”
The Second AKARI conference: Legacy of AKARI: A Panoramic View of the Dusty Universe, Feb 2012, Jeju, Korea

[2]“AKARI 2.5-5 um Spectroscopy of Optically Non-Seyfert Ultra/Luminous Infrared Galaxies”
The 5th Korea-Japan Young Astronomers Meeting, Feb 2012, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

[1]“X-ray and Infrared Connection of AGNs: Cross-Correlation of Swift/BAT and AKARI All-Sky Survey Catalogs”
East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2011, Feb 2011, Jeju, Korea

2. Poster Presentations in International Conferences

[7] “Is there a maximum mass for supermassive black holes?
IAU Focus Meeting 3: Radio galaxies: Resolving the AGN phenomenon, Aug 22-23, 2018, Vienna, Austria

[6] “3-500 um infrared properties of 70-month Swift/BAT AGN catalog”
Hidden Monsters 2016, Aug 8-12 2016, Dartmouth College, USA

[5] “Difference of torus obscuration between hidden and non-hidden broad line AGN”
Subaru Users’ Meeting FY2015, Jan 19-21 2016, KKR Hotel Atami, Japan

[4] ” Torus geometry difference between hidden and non-hidden broad line AGN”
TORUS2015, Sep 14-17 2015, University of Southampton, UK

[3] ” Infrared luminosity contribution of buried AGN in infrared galaxies”
Powerful AGN and Their Host Galaxies Across Cosmic Time, Jun 2014, Australia

[2] “Unveiling energy contribution of buried AGNs in infrared galaxies”
Suzaku-MAXI conference 2014, Feb 2014, Matsuyama, Japan

[1] “Mid-Infrared Properties of hard X-ray selected AGNs in the local universe”
2013 COSMOS Team Meeting, May 2013, Kyoto University, Japan

3. Oral Presentations in domestic conference

[13] “BASS IR photometric catalog and dying AGN search”
Local AGN Workshop, Kyoto University, June 13-14 2018 (the talk was assigned on Jun 14)

[12] “Looking at drastic AGN luminosity decline in Arp 187 within 10^4 years”
5th Galaxy Evolution Workshop, Ehime University, June 6-8 2018 (the talk was assigned on Jun 8)

[11] “3-500 um IR properties of the 70-month Swift/BAT AGN”
日本天文学会2017年春季年会, 九州大学, 2017年3月15-18日 (talkは16日)

[10] “AGN key science cases enabled by TMT/MICHI” (invited)
銀河進化研究会2016, 東北大学, 2016年6月1-3日 (talkは3日)

[9] “Witnessing the final stage of AGN in Arp 187
日本天文学会 2016年春季年会, 首都大学東京, 2016年3月14-17日 (talkは15日)

[8] “Sudden Death of AGN in Arp 187?”
ALMA workshop “AGN銀河の中心1kpc → 1pcスケールでの質量降着機構の理解に向けて”, NAOJ, 2015年12月21-22日 (talkは21日)

[7] “赤外線観測から見たAGNトーラスと統一モデルの現状” (invited)
「超巨大ブラックホールと降着円盤スペクトルの解釈を巡って」, ISAS/JAXA, 2015年8月11-12日 (talkは11日)

[6] “2型活動銀河核の偏光広輝線観測に対するトーラスの幾何構造の影響”
日本天文学会 2015年春季年会, 大阪大学, 2015年3月18-21日

[5] “あかり2.5-5.0 um分光観測から探る赤外線銀河のダストのエネルギー源”
銀河進化研究会2014, 国立天文台三鷹キャンパス, 2014年6月

[4] “AKARI/IRCを用いた、赤外線銀河内の埋もれた活動銀河核の探査とその赤外線光度への寄与の見積もり”
日本天文学会2014年春季年会, 国際基督教大学, 2014年3月

[3] “Swift/BAT AGNの中間赤外線における性質とSPICAで探るニュータイプAGN”
次世代赤外線天文衛星SPICAが目指す宇宙星形成史とブラックホール進化の解明, 名古屋大学, 2011年10月

[2] “Swift/BAT硬X線9ヶ月カタログと「あかり」中間赤外線全天サーベイカタログを用いた活動銀河核の光度相関とトーラスモデルへの示唆”
日本天文学会2011年秋季年会, 鹿児島大学, 2011年9月

[1] “「あかり」赤外線全店サーベイカタログとSwift-BAT硬X線全天サーベイカタログを用いた活動銀河核の光度相関(II)”
日本天文学会 2011年春季年会予稿集, 筑波大学, 2011年3月

4. Seminar Talks

[11] “Searching dying AGN”
Tristate PD retreat 2018, May. 17 2018, CCA, NY, USA

[10] “Looking the growth of SMBH through AGN”
Dept. Astronomy Colloquium, Apr. 16 2018, Tohoku University, Japan

[9] “Looking at dying AGN”
Astro-coffee special seminar talk, Nov. 20 2017, NAOJ, Japan

[8] “Looking at the growth of supermassive black holes through AGN”
Astronomy special seminar talk, Sep 25 2017, UT San Antonio, TX, USA

[7] “Looking at the growth and quenching of supermassive black holes through AGN”
NOAO special seminar talk, July 18 2017, NOAO, AZ, USA

[6] “Dying AGN”
Pizza Lunch talk, Feb 21 2017, Columbia University, USA

[5] “Investigating AGN Tori through X-ray and Infrared Observations”
SOFIA colloquium, Jan 17 2017, NASA Ames Research Center, CA, USA

[4] “From the AGN torus to the nuclear starburst”
TAO/MIMIZUKU seminar, Oct 16 2015, University of Tokyo, Japan (invited, in Japanese)

[3] “Study of AGN torus in mid-IR (赤外線観測によるAGNトーラスの研究)”
IoA seminar, Jul 23 2015, University of Tokyo, Japan (invited, in Japanese)

[2] “Infrared studies of obscuring torus properties around supermassive black holes”
AGN seminar, Jul 2014, Hiroshima University, Japan (invited, in Japanese)

[1] “Infrared studies of obscuring dust properties around supermassive black holes”
ISAS Astrophysics Colloquium, Jun 2014, ISAS/JAXA, Japan (invited)

5. Press Release & Interview

[3] My activity as SOC/LOC chair of EAYAM 2017 in Ishigaki island, Japan
Appeared in the local newspapers of “Yaeyama Nippou” and “Yaeyama Mainichi” on Nov 15-19, 2017

[2] “NAOJ and UTSA Sign an Agreement to Collaborate in Astronomy”
Appeared as one of the collaborators with Dr. C. Packham in UTSA, 2016 Dec 12 (in English)

[1] “Making Sense of the Universe”
Interviewed by Kyoto University, 2015 Feb 24 (in English)

6. Outreach

[5] “ブラックホール観測入門: ブラックホールを作って太らせて、そして最後は見てみよう”
Public talk at JASS, Columbia University, 2018 Jun 26 (in Japanese)

[4] “ブラックホールのおはなし (Let’s make black hole)”
talk “最近の宇宙ってどう? (What are recent hot topics in Astronomy?)” by Meganeya in Osaka, Japan, 2018 Mar 24 (in Japanese)

[3] “天文学ってなに (What is Astronomy?)”
talk “アメリカIvy League視察団” by Yotsuya Otsuka at Columbia University, 2017 Jul 24 (in Japanese)

[2] “ブラックホールを見る (Observing black holes)”
Public Lecture at JASS , Columbia University, 2017 Feb 10 (in Japanese)

[1] “職業インタビュー”
Interviewed by Shiratori Junior high school, 2016 Aug 30 (in Japanese)

7. Web Column

[1] “見えないものを見る(Watching at unseen objects)”
Column No.30 at Open Astronomy, 2015 Feb 27 (in Japanese)


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