Our Team

Postdoc fellows

Akatoki Noboriguchi (Nobo)

Nobo is a postdoctoral fellow (based on the KAKENHI grant), joined my group since April 2021. During his PhD, he has found hundreds of the dust obscured galaxies (DOGs) utilizing the multi-wavelength data of Subaru/HSC optical and WISE/mid-infrared data. Currently Nobo has been working on the searching for bluDOGs (DOGs w/ blue optical continuum) as well as their BH/galaxy properties.

PhD students

Janek Pflugradt (1st year in the Master course)

Janek is a 1st year PhD student. He joined our group in October 2020. He received his bachelor degree in physics at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena in Germany, where he simulated collisions in planetary systems. He is currently working on the properties of fading AGN.

Hikaru Fukuchi (1st year in the Master course)

Hikaru is a 1st year PhD student, and he has joined our group since April 2021. He is currently working on the supermassive black hole growth in the extreme environment such as galaxy clusters, as well as the extreme accretion properties into the BH by utilizing the multi-wavelength data.

Former Members

Xiaoyang Chen (postdoc; 2019-Mar. 2020; now a postdoc fellow at NAOJ/ALMA project)

Xiaoyang was a postdoc fellow working with me in 2019-2020. During he was a postdoc, he worked on the AKARI/Herschel selected ULIRGs at z~0.5 and found one of the extreme AGN/star-formation activities in those redshift. He also worked on the NuSTAR follow-up observations of those ULIRGs and found that those ULIRGs are transient phase from the extremely active AGN into a more fading and finally a dying AGN.

see Chen, Akiyama, KI et al. (2020a) for z~0.5 AKARI-ULIRG studies.
see Chen, KI et al. (2020b) for NuSTAR X-ray discovery of a fading AGN in z~0.5 ULIRG