Full long Curriculum Vitae in English/Japanese is available from HERE/HERE (revised in April 2020/May 2020).
Short CV is available from HERE (revised in Jun 2017).

Personal Details

Name: Kohei Ichikawa (市川 幸平)
Nationality: Japanese


Apr 2018-Present: Assistant professor (FRIS fellow) at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
Nov 2016-Present: Visiting scholar at Columbia University/UTSA
Apr 2016-Mar 2018: JSPS Postdoctoral fellow (PD) at NAOJ
Apr 2015-Mar 2016: NAOJ/Hawaii postdoctoral fellow
Apr 2012-Mar 2015: JSPS young research fellow (DC1; doctor course) in Japan


Apr 2012-Mar 2015: Ph.D. (Science/Astronomy), Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University
Apr 2010-Mar 2012: M.S., (Science/Astronomy), Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University
Apr 2006-Mar 2010: B.A., (Science/Astronomy), Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
Apr 2003-Mar 2006: Graduated from Otemae high school in Osaka


June 2020-Mar 2022: FRIS Creative Interdisciplinary Collaboration Program
Apr 2020-Mar 2023: JSPS KAKENHI (Kiban B)
Apr 2018-Mar 2021: JSPS KAKENHI (Wakate); completed in 2020 Mar
Apr 2016-Mar 2019: JSPS KAKENHI (Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows)
Aug 2015-Mar 2016: JSPS KAKENHI (Start-up)
Jan 2015: ASIAA Fellowship (declined)
Aug 2013: Poster Award: Japan’s Young Astronomers Meeting 2013 in Zao
Apr 2012-Mar 2015: JSPS young research fellow (DC1) in Japan
Feb 2011: Good Talk Award at East Asia Young Astronomers Meeting 2011 in Jeju, Korea

Observing Time Allocation

  • Apr 2020: Keck/LRIS S20A for 1 nights as co-I
  • Mar 2020: Subaru/FOCAS S20A for 2 nights as PI
  • Nov 2019: Keck/LRIS S19B for 1.5 nights as co-I
  • Jun 2019: NuSTAR for 100 ksec as co-I (cycle-5)
  • Jul 2018: ALMA for 31+14.1=45.1 hrs as co-I (cycle-6)
  • Apr 2018: NuSTAR for 80 ks as PI (cycle-4)
  • Jul 2017: ALMA for 15.2 hrs as co-I (cycle-5)
  • Jun 2017: HST for 6 orbits as co-I (Cycle 25)
  • May 2017: NuSTAR for 60 ksec as co-I (Cycle 3)
  • Sep 2016: NRO 45m for XX hrs as co-I (S17A)
  • Aug 2016: ALMA for 19.7 hrs as co-I (cycle-4)
  • Jun 2016: GTC/CanariCam for 7 hrs as co-I (S16B)
  • Nov 2015: OAO/KOOLS-IFU for 3 half nights as PI (S16A-1)
  • May 2015: Suzaku/XIS for 40 ksec as PI (AO-10)
  • Aug 2014: Suzaku/XIS+PIN for 160 ksec as PI (AO-9)
  • Mar 2014: NRO 45m for 20 hr as co-I
  • Oct 2013: Subaru/COMICS for 2 nights as PI (S13B)
  • Oct 2010: Gemini/T-ReCS for 4 half nights as co-I
  • May 2010: Gemini/T-ReCS for 2 nights as co-I
  • Apr 2010: Subaru/IRCS for 2 nights as co-I
  • Dec 2009: OAO/HIDES for 14 nights as co-I

I also have observing experiences MMT/MMT-Pol for 1 week and operation experiences of Japan’s X-ray satellite “Suzaku” for ~3 weeks in total.

Professional Activities

-Astronomical Society of Japan
-Gopira (Group of OPtical and InfraRed Astronomy)
-Committee of Astronomical Society of Japan (2012)
-Science leader of TMT/MICHI science group “AGN and BH physics” (2016-)
-The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ, 2014-), Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS 2019-)
International Conference/Workshop Organizer:
-“TMT Science Forum 2017” (November 7 – November 9, 2017, in Mysore, India) (SOC of MIR splinter session)
-“East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2017” (November 13 – November 17, 2017, at Ishigaki Island, Japan) (co-chair of SOC/LOC)
-“East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting 2015” (February 9 – February 12, 2015, at ASIAA, Taiwan) (SOC)
-“Torus Workshop 2012” (December 5 – December 9, 2012, at UTSA, USA) (LOC)
Conference/Workshop Organizer in Japan:
-“Subaru Users’ Meeting FY2015” (Jan 19 – Jan 21, 2016, at Atami, Japan) (LOC)
-“NAOJ Optical and IR division workshop 2015” (Dec 22, 2015, at NAOJ; LOC chair)
-“Subaru Autumn School 2015” (Sep 28 – Oct 1, 2015, at NAOJ) (LOC)

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